Things i love:

For over a decade (hey..aging is a blessing! haha), I've been blessed to be a part of the wedding industry. Photographing engagements, weddings and portraits. As a photographer working in both the Hudson Valley of New York and Central East Coast Florida, I have the privilege of capturing the beauty of two distinct regions. The Hudson Valley offers breathtaking landscapes, from the rolling hills and meandering rivers to the charming small towns and historic sites. On the other hand, Central East Coast Florida boasts stunning beaches, vibrant wildlife, and a relaxed coastal vibe. Being able to work in both locations allows me to capture the changing seasons in New York to the colorful sunrises and sunsets in Florida, I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty around me. Traveling back and forth between the two regions also allows me to stay connected with different communities. Whether working with clients or simply exploring new areas with my camera in hand, I feel fortunate to be able to share my passion for photography in these two incredible regions.

Life is a never ending series of new beginnings, friendships, places and stories. I find not only in my personal life but in my career to embrace those moments and to share them with the ones who mean the most to me. I love cheese but only in the dairy sense of the word. Real is what I believe to be true. 

hey. I'm Carroll!



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